Investigations and Judicial review-

An article by Pauline Tam in todays Ottawa Citizen seems to be pressing for a general relaxation of the requirments for search warrant.

The article having the title of "Fake IDs used to defraud health system" discusses the efforts made to locate folks who use Canada's Health care system, ththough they are not entitled to benifits from the system. However the article seems to also attempt to persuade the reader that Canada's Privacy Laws are so strong, that they hamstring attempts by Law enforcement to investigate this sort of case.
Naturaly, when it comes to health records, information is seldom released to anyone with a search warrent, yet the article quotes a former police officer as saying that "Applying for warrants is such an onerous task, often taking months of work, that investigations all but grind to a halt as a result, said Mr. Pendleton." the article also says that:"I don't see any real urge on the part of the (health) community to work with traditional law enforcement to solve the problem. And I think that, in fact, health information privacy legislation actually works against the police and works against the mitigation of these particular crimes."
The reason that we require that a Judge or a Justice of the peace review the available facts and issue warrents before information is given to the police is to ensure taht inocent Canadians are not deprived of their privacy without the Police having shown that their is a reason to suspect that the citizen is in fact doing somethong wrong.
when it comes to copyright enforcement, the same arguments are also being raised, and they must be met for the same reason.