100 Free Open Courseware Classes About Open Source Everything

I was emailed this morning about an article by Jessica Merritt listing 100 different resources for learning about FLOSS.

It was likely hard to limit it to 10. On understanding the business I would have included Yochai Benkler's The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom for understanding how to make money on peer produced knowledge, and Clayton M. Christensen's The Innovator's Dilemma for understanding why this business model innovation shouldn't be expected from the incumbents.

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Open Innovation

I've long thought highly of the innovative model of open source development, but my appreciation of the depth of the subject has only grown over the last year.

I first listened to the proceedings of a 2006 conference 'Economics of Open Content' with MIT. This led me to read von Hippel's 'Democratizing Innovation', which I was glad to see made this list. I've yet to get to Chesborough's 'Open Innovation', but I plan on it.

Have you seen anything else in the area of innovation that you would recommend? I'm currently reading a very recent paper by the OECD, 'Open Innovation in Global Networks', and so far it is worth the effort.

Open Innovation

I hadn't heard of 'Economics of Open Content', and am replying to add this link as a reminder.

I had read 'Open Innovation' a few years ago, and recommend it. I actually have a openly viewable bookshelf on Chapters (Linked from my personal homepage) with the various books I've read, most of which I would recommend.

Been a while, but I believe that the chapter on IBM saving itself speaks about IBM moving to licensing their technology rather than using it for anti-competitive purposes. I think this is an important lesson for anyone thinking about the economic dynamics of PCT (the main topic of this site) to think about.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.

Thanks for the link

Thanks Russell, I'll have a look at your bookshelf to see your recommendations. I'll have to read 'Open Innovation' next.

That's the right link to the conference. All the content from the conference is free to watch or listen to. It was interesting hearing their discussions on how they plan to make MIT's OpenCourseWare economically viable and self-funded, particularly as it is now a couple of years later, and we can see the progress and decisions they've made.