OpenID now able to be used on this site.

I have enabled the OpenID module for this site. This does not remove the need to have an account on this site, but it does remove the need to remember a unique password for this site, and allows more advanced authentication features of an OpenID provider to be used here (IE: smart cards, etc).

If you already have an account, log in as you would normally and click on "my account". There is now a new tab called "OpenID Identities". Add in your OpenID identities you wish to use on this site.

In my case I tried . It turns out that by creating a blog on Blogspot you can then use your existing Google account to log in. You don't need to actually do any blogging, but create a dummy blog attached to your Google account simply for OpenID purposes.

Next time you log in you can then use any of the OpenID identities you added to "OpenID Identities". Drupal will then know it is you that logged in because of the matching OpenID. The old Login box now has a "Log in using OpenID" option that you can now use instead of your username and password.

If you don't already have an account, just log in using your OpenID account and Drupal will then prompt you to create an account.

Accounts are required as Drupal stores more information than many OpenID providers will provide. One obvious thing for our site is that we store a Canadian Electoral District ID so that you can more quickly send messages to your MP.

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works slick.

Thanks for the extra upgrade. I just tried it on your test site, and then noticed that you had moved it to the live site. I wonder what the open id site I was using thinks of me signing in here 10 times in a row.

Charles MacDonald Stittsville Ontario
Just Beyond the Fringe

Test site..

Thanks for reminding me to turn off the test site. I keep forgetting, and then that site ends up being indexed in Google and sending people to the wrong place.

My hope is that with OpenID that we can get more comments. The next thing I'm looking into is a module to send out email alerts for new comments (IE: so that someone can set a "watch" on a given article). If people have suggestions, please join the volunteers list and let us know. I find on sites that have email notifications that the comments become far more active.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.