Volunteer time shuffling

As I watch the new cabinet being sworn in, I wanted to let people know about a shuffle in my own time. I have taken on a more full-time contract with a government department that will mean I will have far less volunteer time for policy work than I did in the past. I have some time flexibility to allow for time to speak with MPs, committee's, or other forums (IE: I will be at LabourTech next weekend).

I am looking for some help on this site.

  • There is a volunteers mailing list where we are discussing the Drupal site itself, and some upgrades that would be helpful.
  • We need people willing to blog about digital copyright and other technology law issues. There are so many interesting things going on that fellow concerned Canadians would love to know about. I won't be able to be the one adding these to our site.

The timing of my lower availability may turn out to not be the greatest, as a new Copyright bill is promised for early in the next government session. That said, it will be more healthy for me. I have noticed some colleges in this area of policy who are taking a leave, finding the conversations a little too harsh. It is a hard area of policy that could lead to activist burnout, something that I know about and would like to avoid. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that there is a large community of people you are working with, and don't ever feel that too much is riding on a small group of activists.

Maybe my being a little quieter than normal will draw other people out of the woodwork. Possible? Please dive in!