The Net's influence on Edmonton - Strathcona

CBC journalist Jesse Brown has posted his latest netcast that summarized some key Internet issues surrounding the election. He speaks about the antiquated election results blackout, as well as the influence of vote swapping, strategic voting, and copyright on the riding of Edmonton - Strathcona.

I have to admit that I had high hopes for Rahim Jaffer, which he never followed through with. I consider it his personal choice to have technology policy add to environmental policy to push him out of office.

He was first elected to parliament in 1997, but came to my attention in 2005 when he spoke about Internet issues at the Conservative policy convention. He was a young MP (Born in 1971, so 3 years younger than me) that seemed a bit more tech savvy than the older colleagues in his caucus. Unfortunately all the attempts to communicate with him from that time until now was met with letters which towed the party line. Click on "Edmonton - Strathcona" at the end of this message to see previous communication.

I don't know if he plans to run in the next election, but I'm sending this open invitation to anyone in any of the parties to sit down and talk about technology law. I live and work in Ottawa, and can be available to meet with a sitting MP or future candidate. I suspect Mr. Jaffer will be visiting Ottawa often given his wife, Hon. Helena Guergis, will be here in Ottawa representing her Ontario riding of Simcoe—Grey.

Prior to 2004 all the parties were on the same anti-technology page, wanting to follow the Clinton/Gore copyright answer to technological change which was to disallow private ownership/control over communications technology. Charlie Angus changed the direction of the NDP, and we need to find tech savvy people in each party to do the same.