HiSciFi.com @ CJSF 90.1 FM

I was on CJSF radio this evening on the show HiSciFi (Audio archive available this week online). The host Irma Arkus called me for the latter half of the show to discuss C-61, its origins, and what the various parties are thinking about Copyright during this election.

Major oops on my part not to mention the Green Party who is more of a factor in BC, and who also have a very modern view of technology law and copyright. I spoke about how I am excited to see what happens in Vancouver Center, with my rooting for Michael Byers who has a modern view of tech/copyright and against incumbent Hedy Fry who has been a bit of an old-economy wild-card. I also spoke about the CRIA candidate Dan McTeague in Pickering - Scarborough East (Ontario), and my hope that he won't be in the committee that studies copyright (either not elected, or not put in by Liberals).

Irma was already very well aware of the statements that the Conservatives have made, actually dedicating part of their platform to reintroducing the "made worse in Canada" C-61. Threat made, threat kept!