Oshawa NDP candidate on Copyright.

John MacDonald, on behalf of Mike Shields - NDP candidate in Oshawa

Thank you for your interest in the views of Canada's New Democrats on the critical issues facing Canadians.

We appreciate your efforts to help voters make an informed decision on voting day.

Jack Layton and the New Democrats were quick to condemn the Conservative's changes to Canada's copyright laws. New Democrats are pushing for proper legislation that will ensure artists and creators are compensated for their work while allowing consumers reasonable rights of access. Over the past two years we have urged the Conservative government to consult with stakeholders and develop relevant legislation that would protect artists, innovators and consumers in the 21st century. However, this government has completely ignored all calls to bring forward reasonable copyright legislation and regrettably this bill is worse than originally feared. There is no evidence of any attempt to strike a reasonable balance to protect both either artists or consumers. Instead, C-61 represents a full capitulation to the U.S. corporate lobby and does not strike a balance between the needs of artists and consumers.

On Behalf of Mike Shields I would like to thank you for continuing to resist these unfair practices.

John MacDonald
NDP Oshawa