Whack the PM!

Seems there is another "strategic voting" site that ran during the 2004 and 2006 elections as well. Whack the PM from The James Gang has you clicking on the leader you least like, then your postal code, and it recommends you who to vote for in your riding to vote against that party.

I find the whole thing both silly and dangerous as I've written before, but I am curious how much influence these types of sites will have. There is far too much focus on the "leaders" in federal elections from the mainstream media, and part of the beauty of new media should be that we get more information about our own riding (who we are actually voting for) and make better voting decisions. Will people actually take their advise? Will the best candidates be blocked out of the election based on people making their entire choice based on the leaders and historical voting patterns?

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Fun, but surprising.

Oh damn that was a lot of fun. I never thought I'd enjoy interacting with politicians as much as I just did now on that web site.

Not surprisingly, once I was finished the game it figured out that I should vote against Harper. What was surprising was that it determined the best way for me to do that was by voting Progressive Canadian or Christian Heritage. What a great way to waste a vote. Might as well just stay at home on election day.

I don't know what kind of algorithm that site was using to come up with the bazaar calculation, but obviously there are still some bugs to work out. In the mean time I just stick to supporting the Green Party.

Animation great, recommendations not so much

I agree. The animations were great fun, but the recommendations were not so useful.

How about when someone outside of Quebec wants to whack Duceppe? We can't vote for or against the Bloc any more than we can Obama's Democrats or McCain's Republicans. The joke they start with showing Obama and McCain should extend to Duceppe.

Maybe they have some hidden algorithm where someone subjectively evaluated the platforms to try to match to who you disagreed with. I say subjective, as I've disagreed with how many people in the mainstream media have evaluated the platforms of the parties and even the views of the candidates (including leaders).

The most amusing was Mike Duffy trying to compare Elizabeth May to Sarah Palin, trying to suggest both are social conservative, with him relying on his misrepresenting a comment Ms. May made on the so-called "abortion" debate. Anyone who bothers to do some research only finds out that Mike Duffy doesn't know current Canadian politics as well as he claims to.

Hmmm -- hidden algorithms based on biased viewpoints being used to make election recommendations. Sounds like the "code: and other laws of cyberspace", and DRM issue all over again.


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mis-placed ingenuity

Too bad these people aren't building web sites to simulate
MPP or STF voting systems intead.