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The "I Believe in Open" site, a project of Visible Government, allows people to sign on to a pledge to make government more open and transparent.

I, (your name) believe candidates should:

* Support reforms that increase government transparency and accountability.
* Make campaign promises specific and measurable, and report progress on promises and their metrics at least semi-annually.
* Publish the content of his or her daily schedule, including meetings with lobbyists and special interest groups.
* Support reforms allowing free access to scientific and survey data gathered by government institutions.
* Support reforms that make it easier for Canadians to obtain government information they have a right to know.

Each bullet has its own check-mark, so you can support in some but not all of the bullets. I am a very strong supporter of free access to government information, which I hope will include abolishing crown copyright, as well as overall transparency and accountability of government and our elected representatives.

Where I'm not so sure is making campaign promises specific and measurable. In fact, I wish that candidates and party leaders would stop making campaign promises entirely. We should be learning about the individuals that will be representing us in our representative democracy, and not trying to elect "proxy votes" for an insignificantly narrow set of issues. Our representative democracy simply doesn't work that way, and we need to ensure that debates are open and that the minds of our representatives are open to learning from consultations. If we want to do a direct democracy on a given issue, then we should hold a referendum. Attempts to pretend we are electing proxy votes on issues will only lead to further mistrust in the system and participants, as well as lowering the trustworthiness of our democracy.