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Grass roots democracy

I've thought a little about how we should structure our democracy in this country.

My thinking lately is that it would be great if we only elected MPs to carry our proxy. Once elected they would vote on behalf of every one of their constituents. However if a citizen wanted to, they should be able to retract their proxy and vote on any bill they want directly. In any way they want. Such a thing should be fairly straight forward these days with the internet.

Say for example your MP represented a riding of 100K people. His vote in Parliament would normally carry the weight of 100K / (population on Canada). If however you retracted the proxy by going online to cast your own vote, then his vote would count for 99999 / (population of Canada) and yours would count for 1 / (population of Canada). You could even weight citizen votes more heavily so that they may count for 2 or three votes reasoning that if a person goes to the effort of casting their own vote for a bill then there are likely 2 or 3 others who agree with him but would not be bothered to make the effort.

This would be a great way to keep MPs and political parties accountable to the people. If enough people were unhappy with what the government was doing, they would have their strength in number to reign the government in on an issue by issue basis.