Conservative party infringing copyright again?

Thanks to Michael Geist, I was pointed to an issue where the Conservatives are being asked to take down (friendly request to avoid litigation, not part of a notice-and-take down request which doesn't apply to Canada) potentially infringing clips. See The Agenda and a note on Kady O’Malley blog.

Note: Some Conservative partisans want to bring up the Green Shift naming issue as a comparison. Sorry folks, but from what I could tell there was no trademark issue, just bad communications skills on the part of some inconsiderate Liberal employees. There is no way to compare these two issues -- one where a political party is likely infringing a law which they have treated as a "law and order" / "tough on crime" issue and made more complex, more unrelated issues into infringements, and increased potential statutory damages.

I think all the partisans out there need to get past just blindly rooting for their party and do a bit of research into the important issues at stake in technology law.