Copyright pushing people to the NDP

I notice a thread on SlashDot about C-61 dieing with the election being called. What I find interesting is how many people have stated publicly that they plan to vote NDP as the party most likely to gain a number of seats which has a reasonable view on Copyright. SlashDot has tended to have people who are right-of-center, towards Libertarian views, so is a community that would traditionally be closer to what the Conservatives claim to represent. There are people who claim to be lifelong conservatives looking towards the NDP this election, feeling the Conservatives have abandoned them.

NDP Digital spokesperson Charlie Angus has been extremely visible in this debate, and the more fellow NDP members that get elected, the more powerful Mr. Angus' voice becomes.

The Green Party (more centre-right) is also mentioned, although with only one MP that didn't have a chance to stand and speak in the house as a Green, people aren't sure about them yet. There also hasn't been a digital spokesperson constantly speaking out on this issue, with the NDP being the only party (with or without seats in the house) who has such a person. It would be great if such a person came forward from each party who could put a positive face onto that party, but thus far this hasn't happened.