Canadians fed US-style copyright legislation? I wish!

In an article in p2pnet , Charlie Angus, Digital Spokesperson for the New Democratic Party, said that "Under Stephen Harper, Canadians are being force-fed US-style copyright legislation." When I read this, all I could think is "I wish"!

While I've written about how some aspects of C-61 are lifted near-identical out of the USA's DMCA, I have not yet put them in context with the rest of their copyright act. Bill C-61, like the DMCA, is a set of changes between the previous Copyright and a new Copyright. US copyright law was more fair before their DMCA than Canadian law is now, and if Canada takes the direction articulated in C-61 we will become that much worse than US law. As bad as this would be, I would be happier to have Canada simply adopt current US law (DMCA and all) than to apply Bill C-61 to current Canadian law.

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