Bill C-61 Copyright Reform: What Could it Mean for the CE Industry?

Frank Lenk's article on the effects of Bill C-61 on the Consumer Electronics industry includes the following about Liberal MP, Bob Rae:

It’s more difficult to understand why the consumer electronics industry has not been more vocal in presenting the opposing view, given that tomorrow’s ‘digital VCR’ is now under threat. This was borne home forcefully when I recently had the opportunity of visiting my local Liberal MP, Bob Rae (

Although Rae has spoken out extensively against Bill C-61, he expressed considerable sympathy for content creators. He also mentioned that a delegation from ACTRA had been in to see him just that morning, pleading for increased copyright protection. He also stated that no one from the consumer electronics industry had been around to present their side of the story.

I believe I offered an answer to his question in: Predictable positions from subset of stakeholders at Brussels telecommunication/copyright event. Many of the larger players in the consumer electronics industry believe they (and not their competitors) will benefit from the anti-competitive features of C-61.