Protect your PC, Protect our Network, Protect the Internet: JOIN Herdict

While looking for new Audio books on eMusic, I came across The Future of the Internet: And How to Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain. Seems the book has a website and a blog.

A recent article announcing Herdict had this to say:

For the Internet we know and love is under attack. The openness that allowed users to write any software they wanted, run that software on any machine, and share that software with anyone who wanted it created a lot of great code: Google, Facebook, etc. But that same openness also encouraged a lot of bad code: malware, badware, bots, and so forth. In an effort to protect themselves from this bad code, users are moving from open, “generative” technologies (PC’s) to closed, “tethered” ones (TiVo’s). These tethered appliances give users security but at the price of innovation.

Wow -- sounds like the issue I've been dedicating quite a bit of time to as well! Interestingly the Herdict for PC Health only runs on Microsoft Windows. It's not like they had the option to have it run on some of the most sick platforms, like the iPhone or a TiVO.