Vancouver Centre NDP candidate Michael Byers on C-61

Michael Byers posted a link to the interview I did with him, and is continuing the conversation in comments on his blog. Noticing that Hon. Hedy Fry, the incumbent Liberal in that riding, has been going around doing consultations with Canadians I asked Mr. Byers his impressions of what she has been saying.

Ms. Fry is stuck in an old-fashioned, “us” vs. “them” mentality. The "producers" of content are not just the media companies. Individual Canadians produce content all of the time. The uses of this content deserve to be protected from the harmful effects of C-61. As a society, we’ve moved past the belief that only the media companies are allowed to produce legitimate content.

This is also the impression I got from the one meeting I had with Ms. Fry, after which I wrote: I'm a Green, Hedy Fry is Blue, Nickie is a Space Cadet, lets hang out in the Tiki Bar.

I am going to try to get in contact with Ms. Fry again to see if I misinterpreted things she said in the meeting with me, or things I have read from Heritage committee minutes.