2008 Couchiching conference opening keynote by Bill Buxton

I glanced at CPAC earlier this week, and noticed Bill Buxton giving a talk. I looked things up, and found out this was at the 77'th annual Couchiching conference and that CPAC's Video on Demand had this full talk (and even longer Q&A session), as well as a few others from the conference that I also plan to watch later (watch then soon, as CPAC only keeps the videos available for a limited amount of time).

While there are some things that Mr. Buxton believes that I don't agree with, I find that there is more I agree with than disagree. While the whole conference titled "The Power of Knowledge: the New Global Currency" appears to have themes which tie in directly with anyone who reads my blog,. I want to recommend you start with Mr. Buxton's talk.

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