Corey Grajkowski's blog

I wanted to quickly hilight Corey Grajkowski's blog. His "about me" says the following:

I am mostly concerned about where technology and law meet. I fear that those who make the laws will not understand the effects it will actually have. I leave other political issues to those who know more than me. I am the founder for the Fair Copyright for Canada - Edmonton Chapter and I support the CIPPIC.

He's someone with a technology background. He notices that a flawed understanding of technology by policy makers is causing problems in the law. He has now become political on technology law issues. On December 8, 2007 he drove down to Calgary for a rally being held at Jim Prentice (Calgary Centre-North) Constituency Office to protest bill C-61. He has since met with Hedy Fry (Vancouver Center), Laurie Hawn (Edmonton Centre), and James Rajotte (Edmonton—Leduc). His own MP Rona Ambrose (Edmonton—Spruce Grove) doesn't seem interested in setting up a meeting (he has met with Debra Bain, the Constituency Office Manager).

I'm looking forward to hearing updates from this fellow traveller! His technical background and how he was dragged into this policy debate sounds very familiar to me somehow...