Lessig Predicts Cyber 9/11 Event, Restrictive Laws

An interesting reference on slashdot to a video including Lawrence Lessig talking about how the Patriot Act was written long before the 'event' that was used to politically justify it, and that a similar one to transform communications media (they talk about the Internet, but we are really talking about revoking the Internet).

The SlashDot threads are amusing, as the "libertarians" get onto the typical "so, we'll just route around the government". Some outside the USA just say they'll route around the USA and allow the USA to kill its own economy/etc in isolation. I think as we saw with 9/11 and the fact that more than just the USA was affected, that this is naive.

In my mind the only way to avoid this problem is to be politically involved such that when an "event" happens that dumb solutions won't be able to be scare-mongered into being passed so easily.

Anyone who thinks that ill-informed governments wouldn't wipe out the Internet and the ability of their country to participate in the modern economy should look at what is currently happening. With the "digital copyright" debate, which has become largely about who will control the keys to locked technologies, the "event" didn't even happen and yet the fear mongering is still working. The statistics are largely bogus that are used to claim that the losses due to online infringement are massive. In a majority of cases the problem is nothing more than a failing business model that didn't keep up with the times (or was no longer relevant, something normal in our economy).