Sukh Dhaliwal town hall meeting on C-61

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I was there

It was a very interesting meeting. One thing that I thought was great was that I recognised very few of the people there.
It was very one-sided. I don't think I heard one thing said in favour of C-61 unless you count Mt Dhalliwal's "we do need to update copyright law". It is a shame that the recording industry representatives who were invited couldn't make it.

But, "we do need to update copyright law"

I agree with him.

Modern technology has become so cheap that individual citizens, even those who are not rich, are able to do things that previously required a large capital investment.

Copyright is simply a series of activities which require permission of a copyright holder or payment (compulsory licenses) to do.

While the methods of granting permission in the past made sense for the corporate participants, they never made sense when dealing with individual citizens as producers, distributors and audiences of works. Copyright needs to be modernized to take this into consideration, being clarified and simplified to ensure that they make sense when individual citizens are directly involved.

The suggestion that we don't need to update the law is based on the current direction which is backwards. The fact we don't want the law to go backward doesn't suggest that the law doesn't need to move forward.

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I didn't say I disagreed with him, I said that that was the only comment I heard the entire evening that was vaguely in favour of C-61.