Bell moves to limit internet downloads of competitor ISPs

An article by Peter Nowak for CBC News documents Bell's latest anti-competitive tactics: applying bandwidth caps on the customers of competing ISP customers.

This is all based on the political folks at CRTC not understanding the network. Any congestion that might require throttling or capping happens between ISPs and their long-haul connections, not between the ISP and the customer premises. It is not legitimate for Bell to manufacture a crisis within the network between the phone switches and abuse that to force a business model on competitors. The inter-switch connections are the cheapest part of the network to build. Bell should be mandated to provide adequate bandwidth as a condition of their priviledged right-of-way access to run wires above and below public and private property.

The business model chosen for Sympatico should not be forced onto competitors. Sympatico should be forced to succeed or fail based on its own merits, not based on abusing Bell's government granted monopoly position over last-mile connections.