CIPPIC opens Bell/Rogers internet throttling investigation

Multiple sources (Save Out Net, Howard Knopf) have indicated that CIPPIC is interested in hearing from individuals who have been subject to 'throttling' of their high speed internet connection. If you are currently subscribed, or once were a subscriber of either Bell or Rogers' high speed services and would like to express your concerns, please contact Robert Hester at CIPPIC.

Note that this is for people who were or are Bell or Rogers customers, and not those of us who are customers of other ISPs which Bell is screwing up or immorally (and hopefully eventually clarified as unlawfully) deep packet inspecting and manipulating. See discussion in TekSavvy forums.

I hope that they will also get involved in that more serious problem. I feel that those choosing Rogers or Bell directly have a more reasonable expectation of their ISP inspecting/manipulating their packets than people who chose other ISPs (sometimes anyone but the incumbent phone and cable companies which are generally known to have defective internet services).