Langley MP Mark Warawa and Newton-North Delta MP Sukh Dhaliwal

Langley MP Mark Warawa is quoted in an article by Andrew Bucholtz in the Langley Times as saying that, “We’ve tried to reach a balance, and we’ve done that over the last year and a half by meeting with all the stakeholders”.

Really? I don't know of any consultation happening, and I know that as someone representing the Open Source Software sector that I was never consulted by the Conservatives. Who have they been consulting with -- the US PTO, USTR, and Canadian rebranding of foreign groups like CRIA, CMPDA, CAAST?

“On C-61, we have not had that much response,” he said. “We have heard from some people, and I’m hoping to hear from a lot more people on how they would like to see C-61 amended.”

Newton-North Delta Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwahl has a link on his front page indicating "Townhall meeting on controversial copyright bill (July 30)"

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More details of Sukh Dhaliwal's town hall; meeting

George Mackie Library
8440 112th St, Delta
7pm to 8:30pm
Wednesday, July 30th.