Anthony Rota's view on Bill C-61

Here is the letter I got from my MP Anthony Rota in my hometown riding of Nippising-Timiskaming, in response to a message I sent him about Bill C-61.


Thank you for your correspondence regarding Bill C-61. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments.

In your email, you voice opposition to changes and criminalization of various actions that the bill will bring forth.

My Liberal colleagues and I understand your concerns and we believe that the bill must strike the right balance between consumers and creators.

Certainly, it is important to update the Copyright Act to address rapid changes in technology. However, Bill C-61 is a highly technical bill and it must be studied carefully before proceeding. I am very concerned about how this bill treats technological protection measures; these provisions should not take rights away from Canadians. At the same time, my Liberal colleagues and I want to ensure that the final bill both fosters innovation and fairly compensates creators.

We need wide consultation with everyone - including consumers, artists and the business community - to ensure that we properly understand all of the impacts the bill will have. To date, the Conservatives have failed to incorporate a consultative process in drafting this legislation.

Please be assured that I will continue to be vigilant in the study of this issue and I will keep your concerns in mind.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time to express your views on this significant subject. Your input is always welcome.


Anthony Rota, M.P

It looks to me like the standard-issue response that all politicians seem to be giving. I also think that it's more hopeful than some other replies I've seen. My M.P. doesn't seem to be strictly in favour of the bill, but that could just be because he's a Liberal M.P. and it is a Conservative Bill. I'll have to schedule a meeting with him in person if I make it home during my break before starting classes again in September.