Big Media Strikes Again with iPhone

John C. Dvorak offered a similar rant as part of the TWIT show, so it is great to see he did it in text for PC magazine.

The journalism community in general—and tech journalists in particular—discourage free enterprise and real competition. They are the worst kind of bandwagon-hoppers and hero-worshippers. No wonder the public does not think highly of the profession.
The irony is that giving too much attention to Microsoft allowed the company to take over the place; there was nobody left to actually advertise, and all the computer magazines shrank in size. Everyone then blamed the Internet.

It is useful for journalists to realize that it is their own press-release and PR based "reporting" that is a key factor in the decline of print media -- and that they should stop trying to blame "the Internet" or "copyright infringement" for their problems.

I am thankful that we did have some reporting in Canada that was better. For instance, when Michael Geist reported on the iPhone he spoke about all the locks against the consumer.

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Good to see Him in his classic form.

When PC Mag First came out I always used to read John's rant, but the edge went off it.

This is a very true analysis of the interaction of content and advertising. All to often the items that get reviewed are the ones where the writers get the free trials under NDA.

I recall one writer admiting that he received so much free equipment that he had to triage the requests he recived from charities for the stuff he did not keep.