Tom king continues to push the copyright issue as an issue for the guelph by-election.


GUELPH – NDP candidate for Guelph and author Tom King will be in Toronto on July 24, 2008 to meet with regional artists, activists and academics who are opposed to the Conservatives’ Bill C-61. The event, which is being held at the Edward Day Art Gallery, will look at strategies for opposing the U.S.-style copyright legislation.

King says it’s important to meet with citizens who are concerned about the bill.

“This copyright legislation is essentially handing over years of established Canadian copyright legislation to the U.S. entertainment industry. The absolute protection for digital locks will allow U.S. corporate interests to decide what Canadians can or cannot do with products they have legally purchased. It just doesn’t make sense.”

NDP MP and Digital Spokesman Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) will also attend the meeting in Toronto. He says he was invited to participate by King.

“Tom is a well-known author and radio personality. He knows what artists need in terms of protecting their interests. I have been very impressed by Tom’s desire to take this issue on from an artist's point-of-view and to work with people in his region to push back against this badly-thought out regressive legislation.”

The event is being put on by the Toronto Chapter of Fair Copyright Canada. Ottawa University lawyer and blogger Michael Geist will be in attendance. CBC radio personality Jesse Hirsch will act as the MC for the evening.

King says he plans to hold follow-up sessions for activists in Guelph.

“Guelph is a city based on the arts and academia. The demographic in this community cares passionately about the development of digital culture and the arts. Bill C-61 is a piece of legislation that is completely contrary to the innovative and inquisitive spirit of the Guelph region.”