5 more reasons to avoid iPhone 3G

The Canadian media has thus far focused on the extremely bad data plans being offered by Rogers. (See: Rogers iPhone price increase: $6,132,74) Our failed telecommunications market will continue to make Canada non-competitive globally for new-economy workers and business, and make us outsiders to the knowledge economy.

The internationally based Free Software Foundation offers 5 reasons to avoid iPhone 3G that have nothing to do with Rogers.

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"As of November 2007, 3.3

"As of November 2007, 3.3 billion people in the world had mobile telephones, and the number continues to rise rapidly. For many of these people, phones are becoming the most important computers they own. They are vital to their communications and they are with them all the time. Of all the technology people use that could be turned against them, this is one of the most frightening possibilities."

So true. And big corporations want to do this with your PC, your car, your TV: in general, anything with a microchip.

I don't think that those 5

I don't think that those 5 reasons are good enough to follow them. iPhone is one of the best technique innovations of all time. Lots of people are using them not only in Canada, but in United States and in the rest of world. People are satisfied with this product so I don't think that we have to stop them from purchasing it. Thanks for the article though. It is always interesting to read some fresh news in your blog.


Toby Nollton from iphone application development