Is Canadian minister violating Google copyright?

In what is typical of those who seem to have the most moral outrage for private citizens violating copyright, Jim Prentice had (quickly removed, but that is no defence!) infringing images on his website.

I think if Google sues that he should get the max $20k statutory damages since he seems to think this is reasonable for such activity. Given there isn't an adequate definition of "technological measure" in C-61 that would exclude the bits of a copyright notice, I wonder if a judge would consider his staffer editing the image to remove this attribution a circumvention of a "technological measure"?

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Widespread infringement

Virtually every CPC member's web site is infringing Crown copyright, through the inclusion of ParlVu clips without any attribution as required.

Other infringements:
Modified Mapquest image (Patrick Brown)
House of Commons report reproduced without permission (Larry Miller)
Video feeds of press conference, no attribution (Goron O'Connor, Diane Finley)
Facebook screenshot (Josee Verner)
Press photos, no attribution (Mike Wallace, David Sweet)

I got halfway through the Ontario PC MPs, and only found 1 with no infringing content: Bev Oda. 1 out of 16.