ACTRA’s “Myths & Truths” debunked…

It is unfortunate that creators are having to bypass their associations and unions and speak directly to the public (and fellow members) to have their voices heard. Some have gone so far as to create their own associations, like the members of the CMCC and Appropriation Art. (Sadly, the Creators' Copyright Coalition still includes these in their membership counts with their claims that the all-powerful "silent majority" support them).

I'm reading a BLOG from ACTRA member Jason Chesworth who has debunked ACTRA’s “Myths & Truths” following a post on ACTRA and the death of the mixed tape that is yet another example of this.

I wonder if politicians will notice, and begin to be appropriately sceptical of the claims of these lobby groups as to how many of their members support the policy direction being proposed by their executives. This is a very dangerous situation for creators to be put in when their own associations don't seem to be communicating with them to decide what policy direction to support at this critical time.

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Thanks for the "shout

Thanks for the "shout out"...

Yes, it is unfortunate that our associations don't listen (or read these blogs...)