Bloc MP suggests C-61 doesn't go far enough?

A constituent in the Quebec riding of Jeanne-Le Ber received a reply from their Bloc MP Thierry St-Cyr, and posted it to the Montreal mailing list. This is the previous riding of past Heritage Minister Liza Frulla, and one of the ridings that Mr. Geist identified as having a "Copyright MP" given it has two key attributes - the sitting MP won their riding by 10 percent or less in the last election and their riding is home to a university.

The reply is interesting in that the MP appears to pick on the one area of C-61 which was also in C-60 which most of us agree with, which is that ISPs are treated as communications intermediaries with a "notice and notice" regime, rather than being treated as unqualified copyright cops or otherwise blamed for the infringements of their customers.

Comme à leur habitude, les conservateurs ne se sont ni préoccupés des créateurs ni des consommateurs et semblent n’avoir pris en considération que l’industrie dans l’élaboration de leur projet de loi.

Ainsi, bien que les grands gagnants du téléchargement illégal soient les fournisseurs de service Internet qui perçoivent de l’argent de ceux et celles qui téléchargent, rien dans le projet de loi ne restreint leur pratique. Seuls les consommateurs sont perçus comme des contrevenants et les créateurs, pour faire respecter leurs droits, doivent faire eux-mêmes les démarches.

Summary: The Conservatives have ignored creators and consumers, and only listened to Industry. Internet Service providers are the beneficiaries of all the infringement, and yet nothing in the bill restricts them.

Wow. This demonstrates just how much work informed and concerned Quebecers in Montreal and other parts of Quebec have in front of them. Like the thinking in the United States in the early 1990's, the companies that offer communications tools and services are "blamed" for allowing citizens to more fully participate in human creativity without being controlled by concentrated intermediaries. The answer seems to be to target these providers with liability and regulations against being "enablers" of this participation.

We have this summer to educate Bloc MPs about the benefit to Quebec creators that comes from being able to own and control their own communications technologies. Communications intermediaries like ISPs should not only not be blamed for the activities of their clients, but they should not legally be allowed to monitor or manipulate these clients -- an issue often discussed under the title of "Network Neutrality".