When "smart intermediaries" lobby for the ability to us and abuse the tools of censorship

Alec Saunders posted an article discussing an exchange between Michael Geist and Mark Goldberg on network censorship.

While I already offered some of my thoughts in an article titled ,"Copyright as part of a debate on eastern vs western censorship?", I wanted to add the following specific to this exchange.

Mark Goldberg is promoting the myth that the best way to deal with speech that our society has decided should be illegal is through large powerful intermediaries able to claim they are enforcing this policy. This is typical of the old-media "dumb terminals, smart network" thinking of the sector that he represents and consistently lobbies on behalf of. This is the type of thinking that new media "smart terminals, dumb network" end-to-end thinking replaces.

It is laws that deal with the persons controlling the source terminal, and possibly the sicknesses that create demand at the destination terminal, not intermediaries, which is how we will ultimately solve these problems. Granting power to intermediaries that has been, is, and always will be abused is not a viable solution.