By-elections results

Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River: Rob Clarke (Conservative) with 47.8% of vote

Toronto Centre: Bob Rae (Liberal) with 59.2% of vote

Vancouver Quadra: Joyce Murray (Liberal) with 36.1% of vote

Willowdale: Martha Hall Findlay (Liberal) with 59.3% of vote

See elections Canada, 2008 By-elections for more details.

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Too bad but....

Not that I really like the Liberals, (Go Green!!!) but I'm a little disappointed by this turn out. I was hoping for a Liberal sweep to encourage them to kick out the Tories.

Oh well, I've been rather unimpressed with Dion since he became leader, perhaps Rae can use a short term as an MP to build up his base for another run at the leadership.

Rae was lousy Ontario Premier in his first year, but he admitted his mistakes part way through his term, changed his policy appropriately and was doing a good job by the end of his term. Such self criticism and action is rare in politics and I think it is what makes Rae a great leader. I'd love to see him as PM. Not that I really like the Liberals.


I have to admit that when it comes to technology law issues I feel more comfortable with the uncertainty of direction from the Conservatives, rather than the certainty of backward motion most often promised by the Liberals.

That party really needs someone with experiences and understanding of new media like Charlie Angus does in order to turn the party around.

I'm all for a general election. As I've posted before, there is a large and growing percentage of MPs who have already left or have announced they will not run in the general election. This is dead-weight with MPs who aren't interested in actually doing anything in the house, and are just quietly sitting there waiting to leave.

I wish there were more politically active people in our community. There were 4 by-elections, and while I sent emails to candidates I didn't hear anything back (except one Green who simply acknowledged he didn't know much about the issues I was asking about). This really needed a push by people in (or near) the ridings to try to make technology law into one of those issues that the candidates and elected MP would be more aware of. It would also have been great to get an idea of where the new MPs stand on these critical issues.

I'm not surprised about what is happening with Dion. When the Martin government was spiraling down many people (myself included) suggested that the next Liberal leader would only last one election and be made into a scapegoat for the ills of the party. The party is in such disarray with many factions warring each other, and it will take some time to heal. I don't think anyone could be doing a better job at this point. I actually like Dion, but don't expect to see much of him after the party blames him for everything.

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