100 top lobbyists

The Hill Times last week ran an article identifying who they consider to be the 100 most influential people (registration required) outside of government in Ottawa. These are people who can ask for a meeting with a Minister and they will get it.

Notable persons in the list include:

Pamela Dinsmore - Rogers Communications Inc.

Graham Henderson - Canadian Recording Industry Association

Lawson Hunter - Bell Canada, BCE

Claire Morris - Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Glenn O'Farrell - Canadian Association of Broadcasters

Paul Sparkes - CTVglobemedia Inc.

Gerald Kerr-Wilson - Fasken Martineau representing Telus Communications Inc., Videotron Ltd., Bell Canada, Rogers Communications Inc., and Cogeco Cable Inc., among others.

As one can see the, the big broadcasters, the ISPs, and the music industries are very well connected to government. Those not well represented are artists and consumers.

Like all those little people down in whoville, if we are going to be heard at all, we will have to make an awful lot of noise. Please take the time to sign the petition for users rights.

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More than just Henderson

For those who don't have access to the article, it is important to note that there are other lobbiests that have the legacy recording, telecom and broadcasting industry as customers.

For instance Philippe Gervais (Capital Hill Group), Joe Jordan (Capital Hill Group, past Liberal MP) both have CRIA as a customer.

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