No more political fundraisers for lobbyists

From this weeks Hill Times:

"Canada's federal Lobbyists Registrar Michael Nelson has delivered a stern warning to federal lobbyists, saying that they "place themselves in jeopardy" of breaching the Lobbyists Code of Conduct if they are both registered to lobby and working on political fundraising or electoral campaigns."

This is good news for any one who remembers the Sam Bulte affair before the last election, or < a href="">Bev Oda more recently.

It remains to be seen how much effect this will have on how Copyright policy is developed.

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"Lobbying puts copyright bill on hold"

People on this forum should read the last section of that article which has the sub-headline of "Lobbying puts copyright bill on hold".

After a number of false starts, sources tell The Hill Times that the Industry Department's proposed copyright bill, which has been on the House Order Paper since Dec. 7, is now on indefinite hold.

It seems there's been a quite an effective lobby campaign for a "balanced approach" to copyright, which may be one of the reasons Industry Minister Jim Prentice (Calgary Centre-North, Alta.) appears to have got something of the jitters about tabling the legislation.

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