Meeting with MPs and nominated candidates.

One of the things I often say in interviews is that Copyright is not a partisan issue in Canada, that you can't focus on parties, and that the issue comes down to the personal experience and ideas of individual representatives. Given this it is important to talk to sitting members of parliament, as well as candidates running to replace them.

I am aware of meetings happened in February with Hon. Andrew Telegdi (Kitchener - Waterloo, Liberal) and Pablo Rodriguez (Honoré-Mercier, Liberal). We need to ensure that all of the 308 sitting members of parliament are having people from our community meeting with them.

There are 4 by-elections currently in the ridings of Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River, Toronto Centre, Vancouver Quadra, and Willowdale. Can people from these ridings report on what the candidates have been saying on technology policy issues, if anything?

We also need to expand this to nominated candidates in the future general election. Elections Canada has a Nomination Contests Database tool which can be used to find the names of candidates nominated by each of the parties in each riding. Even if these people change before the general election, it is useful to contact current candidates who could then keep you updated with additional information.

We also need to get this information published online. If you are a candidate and have an interest in our areas of policy, please let us know so we (or you) can publish articles. If you meet with an MP or candidate, please BLOG about it -- either here or somewhere we can link to.

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Mobilizing virtually

What if we had a page for each province/region:

We are searching for copyright reformers advocate living in the province (/territory) of _____________ who would be willing to meet with their MPs.

Please e-mail ____________________________ if you are interested. We will add your name here with your e-mail address. We will notify you when we get two people for your riding. We encourage you however to visit your MP anytime.

(Franch and other language translations here)

Julien Lamarche
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Topic per riding..

Since MPs are divided by riding, why not just use the ridings we already have set up? If someone is willing to coordinate for a region they would then post a message that was tagged in each of the relevant ridings in the region giving their contact information.

All the technie infrastructure for this has been in place since the 2004 election, and we'll be able to stick with the current system until the riding boundaries are redrawn (I believe that would be the first election after 2013). What is needed is the human resources -- people willing to do the coordination, set up regional meetups, and other such things!

In Ottawa people have the option to meetup at a GOSLING gaggle. For other areas there are meetings being discussed as part of the Fair Copyright for Canadians chapters.

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But it's not obvious enough

I understand how much you've been telling people to go and talk to your MP.

I don't think its obvious enough that our aim is to mobilize to lobby. Petition yes, lobby no.

There should be a whole page on what to say to your MP. Remember, part of your audience are young adults, and they don't have the same level of confidence in approaching their MPs. Part of this education process is the political process, not only the issues.

Having pages per province instead of per riding also aggregates the names we have on fewer pages. Seing a bigger list of names I think it would encourage others to step in.

Continuing with my idea, there should be a whole block "Lobby" above or below the "Acitivities" block, with a page linking to "How to lobby" and a list of provinces/regions/terrotories.

I offer my time to make it, I just like that I'm having feedback on the idea.

Julien Lamarche
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Tools are there, text is needed.

All the techie tools are in place to do what you are suggesting. What is needed is people to author the text (the er -- copy -- the real meaning of 'copy' in 'copyright'), and I'll put them in the right place (and/or get other people like yourself to do it with documentation/etc of how to get that done).

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