First WIPO Development Committee Meeting Begins

William New BLOGS on about "The “historic” first day of the new World Intellectual Property Organization Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP)". Meetings Mar 3, 2008 to Mar 7, 2008 (Geneva, Switzerland).

While mostly about process and not policy at this point, it is great to see progress on this concept. It is a demonstration, however small, of the type of changes happening at WIPO. It may be that the types of mistakes made in 1996 with the two copyright treaties won't be as easily made in the future, and we might even see some forward-looking policy come out of a more modern WIPO.

Note: The development agenda is quite different than current IP for development initiatives. The former understands that the nature of these exclusive rights needs to be questioned and better understood in a more broader way (possibly leading to different policy), while the latter is based on an ideologically blinder that global expansion of these exclusive rights is always helpful and all that is needed is training and other technical assistance.