Contact details for Peter Julian

He's currently a hard man to get hold of :-)

I got a reply from this email address :

He said that is no longer operative, and the parliamentary email address,, will be active from next week, when he is allowed to move into his parliamentary offices.

I also have a phone number for him - ask me if you need it.

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Publishing Contact details on out Website..

I am of two minds about publishing additional contact information beyond what the MP has published themselves. We want MPs to have as much of an open door policy as possible, but we also don't want them to stop using communications tools like Email if there is too much SPAM.

This isn't an easy job they have taken on. I know that much of my life is taken up reading (and forwarding/etc) materials on the Net.

Do you know much about Peter at this point, beyond the page that is on the NDP website? Your notes from the all candidates debates don't have much about him.

He is now NDP critic for: International Trade and Globalization, Persons with Disabilities, Treasury Board. This has a lot of interest to us for sure, so I hope you can connect with him soon.

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