Hill Times FUD

It's a busy week in the Hill Times this week with several items dealing with copyright.

Perrin Beatty,president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. has his version of FUD here.

Michael Eisen, chief legal officer at Microsoft Canada based in Toronto, spreads his disinformation here.

To both their articles I have replied via a letter to the editor, which I am posting below as well.


The February 4 edition of the Hill Times contained a number of articles about the new hot topic, copyright.

In it Michael Eisen, in standard Microsoft fashion, dispenses obvious FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) claiming, of the work you post on the Internet - "Now imagine someone hacks into your website and accesses your work and begins using the ideas expressed in your work for their own commercial benefit. You should be protected, right? In Canada, you are not." This is simply false, and Mr. Eisen should know better.

In his article, Perrin Beatty spreads his own FUD but stating "Tougher laws and enforcement against counterfeiting and piracy will not only protect consumers from shoddy and often dangerous products such as knock-off electrical cords, batteries and medicine, but will also make it more difficult for criminal syndicates to profit from their sale." Counterfeiting and piracy are two very different things, the latter having no effect what so ever on public safety, but the effect of linking them here is very good in terms of spreading FUD

If the copyright reforms being pushed so hard by lobbyists are really so good for us, then why do these people feel so compelled to spread disinformation?

Any copyright changes really need to be subject to Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier's new policy on ratification of international treaties. It is the only way we will get past the rhetoric.