Saskatchewan government to look at artist bill

An article by Angela Hall for the Leader-Post talks about provincial Status of the Artist legislation. One of the proposed changes is to require written contracts between professional artists and those that enlist their services.

I wish this type of thing was extended to all forms of creativity. The exceptions to the first owner of copyright in the Copyright act has always bothered me. I have never been convinced of the need for sections 13(2) and 13(3) that talk about commissioned photography/engraving/portrait and work for hire. These are issues that should be dealt with outside of the Copyright act, such as legislation relating to model rights and employment contracts (assignment of material rights, waiver of moral rights). Putting all these issues in formal contracts people would need to sign would make the ownership issues far more clear to everyone concerned than the current situation.

Far too many details of the administration of copyright related rights is embedded within the copyright act, making it far more complex than it needs to be. Now that it regulates the activities of private citizens, we need to put clarification and simplification of the act as the top priority for any modernization.