DSL improvements at NCF

The following message from John Selwyn, the Executive Director of the National Capital FreeNet, is for people in Ottawa. I have no affiliation with the NCF other than being a long-term member (I'm aa302 , from before it launched, but had a few years I wasn't a member) and a current user of their DSL service for my second DSL connection (This site is run off a DSL connection with Storm).

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Happy New Year from everyone at the National Capital FreeNet office.

NCF is celebrating a successful year. Our office location (in the Trailhead Building on Scott St) is popular with members, and we're making steady progress improving services. Members are giving us considerable help by referring their friends to NCF for high speed internet services -- and our success is leading to volume discounts. Our modem supplier has reduced prices and therefore we are able to reduce our DSL gateway prices by 15%, effective immediately.

For existing DSL members there is also good news. Our maximum bandwidth guideline has been raised to 200 GB per month, from 40 GB. A typical member uses less that 10 GB per month and even high usage rarely tops 80 GB, so 200 GB
should be more than enough for almost everyone.

You may want to keep an eye on NCF's StartPage (http://start.ncf.ca) as we have a few improvements to services that will be rolled out soon.

Thanks for mentioning NCF to your friends who are looking for high speed internet services -- it helps everyone.

Cheers, and best wishes for the new year,


John Selwyn
Executive Director
National Capital FreeNet