DAMI©’s platform: Wiping out competing methods of production, distribution, funding

Julianna Yau has posted the platform from DAMIC.

I am curious what other people think, but it looks to me to be about a fear of modern technology, and an attempt to wipe out alternative methods of production, distribution and funding of creativity.

The proposal calls from strong anti-circumvention legislation (IE: no owner control over communications technology, so no creativity without permission), strong ISP liability (such that ISPs would be encouraged to act like broadcasters, disallowing independent creativity to be communicated), and an extension of the private copying regime to all forms of creativity (imposing royalty-based business models on all creativity, effectively wiping out Free/Libre and Open Source Software, Open Access publication, amateur and user generated content).

I don't expect these proposals to be taken seriously, but it is interesting to note some "made in Canada" proposals that make even the most draconian opposition to modern communications technology and independent creativity from the USA seem mild in comparison.