Wired interviews Radiohead's Thom Yorke about "pay what you want" experiment

An article in Wired magazine gives some info on Radiohead's "pay what you like" experiment.

It turns out the gambit was a savvy business move. In the first month, according to comScore, more than a million fans downloaded In Rainbows. Roughly 40 percent of them paid for it, at an average of $6 each, netting the band nearly $3 million.

Well worth a read.

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Your subject is incorrect

The subject of this post is erroneous David Byrne is not a member of Radiohead, rather David Byrne was a member of Talking Heads and in this article he interviews Radiohead's Thom Yorke on behalf of Wired.



This is a general problem,

This is a general problem, artist are not motivated anymore... most of them and that includes Radiohead as well, get their income from concerts. We should pay more attention at this aspect and start respecting the artists if we want them to respect us. I would also be interested to get some Radiohead tickets as a present for my sister's birthday, she is a real fan.