Interesting viewpoint on the Copyright Act

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, at least one MP believes that the Copyright Act should cover health and safety issues :

Liberal MP Dan McTeague, meanwhile, says the government has not done some of the things that could have made a difference for consumers - like introducing a copyright act that would have targeted such products as the counterfeit toothpaste that was found to contain bacteria.

This is what you get when lobbyists conflate the problem of "counterfeit" toothpaste with that of "counterfeit" DVDs.

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Not sure about Mr. McTeague yet

When I read various websites, including the "Fair Copyright for Canadians" Facebook group, I often notice that the general public cannot tell the difference between a patent, copyright, trademark, industrial design, or other type of bundle of exclusive rights applied to an intangible. This is why so many people have rejected the term "Intellectual Property" when talking to non-lawyers.

It is quite possible that Mr. McTeague genuinely confused about this issue, and thus having a visit from a well informed constituent will help. I have tried to write to him, but have never received a response. While I met the Conservative Chair of Industry Committee, as well as the parliamentary secretary, I have not yet met any of the Liberals. I met Peggy Nash in the past, and have received replies from her staff to my letters. Being an English-speaking person from Ontario, I don't expect to hear from the Bloc.

Looking up Mr. McTeague (, you find that his past occupation is listed as: Policy adviser, political assistant, public relations officer.

I intend no disrespect, but this puts him outside of being a lawyer, but also colleagues with the spin-doctors who are deliberately trying to confuse these extremely different areas of laws for their own political purposes.

I'm not suggesting that Mr. McTeague is personally trying to spin this issue, but that he speaks the same language as those who are and may be more trusting than he should be.

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