Bloc MP Maka Kotto says he intends to run in provincial byelection

According to a Canadian Press article, Bloc MP and cultural critic Maka Kotto says he intends to leave federal politics and run for the Parti Quebecois in an upcoming byelection.

This could be another key moment in the Canadian Copyright debate. The NDP adopted a progressive position on digital copyright when past Heritage critic Wendy Lil retired and Mr. Charlie Angus was elected and took over that position.

This suggests that people in Quebec really need to focus on Bloc MPs and candidates to find out which ones are supportive of the beneficial impacts of modern technology for creators and other Canadians, and to try to promote that person to become the Digital Copyright critic for the Bloc.

One-by-one we need to modernize Canadian political parties, and all it really takes is to have at least one influential, modern, and independent creator like Charlie Angus in each party.

If I knew French and lived in Quebec, and I could help. I hope that many Quebec supporters of forward-looking copyright reform will adopt this as their personal project!

(Hat tip to David Moores who posted a link to this article on the Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook group!)