ACTRA giving us a fictional performance

Raju Mudhar, Entertainment Reporter for the Toronto Star, reports on the copyright debate.

ACTRA has been lobbying for 10 years for the Copyright Act to be updated to ratify the WIPO treaties, because they help establish the rights of performers. The union would particularly like to see a right of remuneration – a guarantee that performers will get paid for work in new forms of media.

Please read what ACTRA said, and then go to the actual WIPO Internet treaties and compare for yourself. Focus your reading on the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT), comparing to existing Canadian copyright law.

Canadian law already has the rights for performers they are asking for, and the WIPO Internet treaties does not add anything significantly new for them. What they seem to be calling for is DRM, which is the building of new business models on the backs of someone else -- in fact, an infringement of IT property rights -- the very type of thing which folks like ACTRA claim to be morally opposed to.