Copyright Law for Who? The Lobbyists and the Charmed

Lawrence posts on his Noteworthy BLOG a bit about who has been lobbying around Copyright, and how everyone can get involved in reporting this issue.

Want to look at who paid what to which politician: Elections Canada has a nice searchable database. When you look at say James Rajotte, the chair of the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, you see the Canadian Recording Industry Assoc donation of $500 but you also see the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' donation of $250. The CRIA and the CAB are now at war. The CAB has exposed the foreign associations and interests before and this time around, the gloves will be off.

By the way, these types of small donations don't buy influence. I personally donated a total of $500 during the 2006 election (To support Charlie Angus, and to oppose Sam Bulte).