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Michael Geist has created a Fair Copyright group to discuss the upcoming bill/etc. We also have a group for Digital Copyright Canada.

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Exposure on Facebook.

Hi everyone,

I'm currently on a facebook group which is trying to spread the awareness of bill c-60. however, we're have a heard time spreading the word to a millions of canadian facebook users. Currently we're at 75 members and we're trying to get more. We're hoping someone/anyone here at Digital Copyright Canada is able to help us out in our attempt to help the cause.

the name of the group is "DOWN with NEW CANADIAN DMCA" if anyways wishes to look us up, simple search the group name in the facebook search bar.

thank you.
~Daniel M

Old bill, do we need a lot of different groups?

As you may know, Bill C-60 is the name of the bill tabled by the Liberal government in June 2005. We don't know the number of the Conservative bill yet, but know that it intends to allow Canada to ratify the 1996 WIPO treaties.

Michael Geist's group has over 700 members now, and will likely be the key Facebook group for organizing against the bill. I worry that having too many groups proliferating may reduce the effectiveness of having more people sharing material in the same place.

I hope MG's group goes far over 700, as 700 is the number of Response from Canadians back in the summer of 2001 when all of this started for some of us.

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