Let the price wars begin: Ottawa opens up spectrum

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please: let the farce wars end

This is a propaganda move with a short term cash grab by the government. Unfortunately for the public it will backfire in less than a decade, when the various holders of spectrum consolidate and merge in the background (as they always do) while the government has tied its own hands with the rhetoric of marketplace competition. One need only point to the inclusion of Videotron as a "new entrant" to pull the curtain on the charade - Videotron has a near monopoly on cable television and internet service in Quebec. It may be less than 10% of the total Canadian market but their local dominance equates to deep pockets.

One might also ask whether the willy-nilly proliferation of towers is a good thing. Given the serious consequences of climate change and toxic industrial pollution, encouraging rampant redundancy for private profit seems criminal. I do not know of any serious study ever being conducted on the long term effects (environmental and technical) of ubiquitous multiple frequencies of low-level electromagnetic radiation. It is certainly not in technology companies' interests to do so, and our governments have long ago given up on funding pure research or public interest studies that threaten their political backers.

A more sane approach would be a monopoly public utility, in which rates are fixed, infrastructure is publicly owned, all decisions are subject to open review, and human rights to communicate freely and securely (but not commercially) are enforced as part of the mandate. The costs of running the network should already be well known, from looking at existing companies' deployments. i will stop ranting before the laughing gets too loud...