OLPC: How do we gauge success? Will 490,000 units do?

Larry Dignan BLOGS on ZDNet about the OLPC, including the fact that the Give 1 Get 1 program has been extended to the end of the year.

I think the article misses the fact that this is an educational project, not a laptop project. Having the software of the OLPC be FLOSS isn't about saving money, but about allowing children to learn computing the same way they learn literacy and other things: by being able to see what others have done, and make their own changes. The inclusion of the Smalltalk, a language very useful for teaching programming, as part of the programming environment is part of that educational goal. (For more on Smalltalk, listen to FLOSS Weekly 21: Avi Bryant on Seaside)

Whether Microsoft offers Windows for $3 or offers to subsidize the laptop doesn't really matter, given the business model Microsoft has chosen is fundamentally incompatible with education.