This is what I've been looking for

One of the fundamental problems I see with the Copyright Act is how it covers everyday activities of ordinary Canadians. When copyright first came into existence, it regulated the activities of people who made their living from published, printing, and the like. But these days, we need to consult a lawyer to decide whether it's legal to use our VCR to record a show or to download a song to our iPod.

Well a law professor in the US has written a paper illustrating this problem. I haven't read it all, but he looks at a typical day in the life of a law professor and counts up the copyright infringements. It adds up to $4.544 billion in damages per year, and that's without using a p2p network.

Of course, this is for the US, where the law is a bit different. My gut feeling is that in Canada he'd infringe more (because Fair Dealing gives the poor user less rights that the US's Fair Use), but the damages for each infringement would be less (because we still only have ridiculous statutory damages, not completely insane levels like in the US).

Why not send a copy to your MP ? It'd be fascinating to find out how much they're liable for in their everyday lives...